Nordic Countries workshop : Worlds are colliding !

Transmedia or the world where everything is possible. This is how Annika Gustafson – Moderator (Boost HBG) tried to define transmedia projects. Actually transmedia represents a raw universe of different story telling possibilities. This year the Sunny Side #SSD15 is trying to shatter funding difficulties by putting together producers and new media commissioners to better understand the blooming world of transmedia filmmaking.

The real argument behind the creation of this new intertwined storytelling technique is to recentre pretty much the whole structure on the audience. In fact, communicating directly with the people can make them share and reveal their inner stories. This is crucial to build a transmedia project and to connect with our audience outside the film context. Gustafson explains that we call transmedia « common sense », therefore engaging with the audience in whatever way is the most important point of its structure.

Defining transmedia remains a difficult task. Kristian Sønderby – Speaker (1606 ApS.) qualified this new genre as a way to connect with the inner self of each person in the audience. This is reflected through the construction of project itself built most of all on as many timelines as possible. For instance, the main character has to reflect  different stories or different choices through his narrative arc. By doing that transmedia comes as the closest mean that reflects a human’s life.

Finally, although transmedia claims to be the future of filmmaking, it remains under-financed due to its dependant form also know as « an extended lounge of a so-called normal film ». Broadcasters, which are mainly the primary investors in audiovisual programmes, seem to always hesitate when it comes to transmedia projects. Producers are pushed to rely on public fundings, ONG private fundings and ultimately on crowd funding sources. The latter are mainly crucial financiers as they are also considered the great part of the marketing body.

As a filmmaker / producer of the next generation, what would you do to remodel this hybrid invention in the audiovisual field ?

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