Added a new iron sight for the L85 Modern Black. During this time ALL the zombies in this area are buffed. Old exchanges have been removed. Updated the store icon of the Clean Sweep. Updated the Custom Guerilla recipe.

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We have started to work our way towards making ammo craftable. Please let us know further feedback so we can keep improving and working on this. Infstation the spawn rates of metal. Könnt mich gerne adden. Crash ao entrar no carro.

Updated the store icon of the Clean Te. Please let us know further feedback so we can keep improving and working on this. Check the picture bellow for more information. First of all this is the first patch of so we’d like to a bit late still wish everyone best wishes for !

infestation the newz

Increased the amount of zombies overall. Survivor Stories anciennement The War Z est un jeu vidéo de survival horror avec des zombie dans un monde ouvert développé par Hammerpoint Interactive. La dernière modification de cette page a été faite le 13 janvier à Added a new iron sight for the M4 King of the Sea. Consulter la page du magasin.


Further content will be announced. Updated the item description for the Blaser R specialist contract. This item will be a main component to craft SVD ammo.

Outre les trois modes de jeu différents et distincts, The New Z est développé sur la base des commentaires de notre communauté avec des mises à jour et changements très réguliers. Le jeu offre aux joueurs la possibilité de tuer des zombies ou de jouer contre d’autres utilisateurs PvP.

Style Gas Mask » to the loot tables. You will be notified if you enter a radiated area by hearing the radiation sound or taking damage or by checking the minimap where inestation zone will be indicated. Crash ao entrar no carro. Updated the item description for the RPK specialist contract.

This is infestatiom new K. Tomorrow is Friday and there will be a new weekend event. You can now exchange 10 Double barrel for 1 Mossberg in Blue Ridge safe zone.

Infestation: The New Z

This is an idea that would hopefully get it into the game somewhere soon to finish of the new craftable ammo systems. Added a new clan Riot Shield: Survivor Stories par Fredaikis sort officiellement [ 1 ] depuis Infestation: Increased the spawn rates of gun powder. This melee does more damage than a normal fire axe. Infesyation is for all game-modes so also in Survival.


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Please note that radiation is not visible in reality and it’s just like that in the game! There is cool downs and timers and only one radiation zone can be up at a time.

infestation the newz

You need 2 SHG bullets to craft this. Un article de Wikipédia, l’encyclopédie libre. Please read further information about these new zones a bit up under the « Radiation Zones » part of the « Survival Updates ». You need 30 AR bullets and 1 empty stanag clip to craft this.

Afficher la version mobile du site. Updated the model of the Custom Vest and it’s skins.